Scope of Operations

Transportation, statewide, over irregular routes, on a call and demand basis of the following:

1. Passengers, their documentation and gear, including crewmen,
ships officers, superintendents, company personnel, oil field
personnel, individuals requiring non-emergency medical services,
and other representatives engaged and responsible for the
operation, repair, maintenance, and safety of ocean going ships,
vessels and railroads.

2. Engine and motor parts and such documents, equipment and parts
as are used on ships, vessels and railroads, including:

  • a) Federal, state and/or foreign governmental and/or commercial publications, documents, and paperwork including manifest, plans, certificates, forms, bills of
    lading, logs, books, pamphlets and periodicals.
  • b) Flags, banners, nautical, navigational and safety supplies and equipment and parts thereof.
  • c) Electrical and communication supplies and equipment and parts thereof.
  • d) Telecopy and facsimile transmissions, typed or hand-written notes, reports, receipts, invoices, drafts, instructions, letters and/or messages including official ship’s and crew mail, pouches, envelopes, boxes and consignments.
  • e) Stores and provisions, laundry, small hand-carriable items.
    packages and courier packages
  • f) Safety and medical supplies, substances, medications, and prescriptions.
  • g) Payroll, cash advances and/or bonuses to masters, owners, Operators, charterers, superintendents, crew or representatives thereof, on railroads and ocean going ships and vessels at anchorages and/or mooring facilities.

Restricted against the transportation of oil field machinery equipment and supplies, including all “Mercer” commodities.

Transportation of oil field personnel, oil field service crew members, and any transportation to or from any oil field site is specifically restricted to hot shot vehicles, pickup trucks, and vans having a seating capacity of fifteen (15) or fewer passengers, and includes tandem axle tailors attached thereto, but specifically excludes any flat bed truck.

Restricted against straight shipments of money, coin and/or payrolls;ie no shipment of these commodities alone.

Money, coin and payrolls transported with other commodities and/or personnel shall not exceed 100,000 per shipment.

Carrier shall file with and maintain with the Louisiana Public Service Commission proof of insurance or other coverage for not less than $50,000 specifically designated for transportation of money, coin and/or payroll.

Any use of weapons shall be only after certificate by the Louisiana State Board of Private Security Examiners. (IRS 37:3270-3298)